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Aluminium Anti-Seize Paste MA750
Aluminium Anti-Seize Paste MA750 
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Aluminium Anti-Seize Paste MA750

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Aluminium Anti-Seize paste MA750 is a soft silver coloured paste used to prevent seizure caused by metal to metal contact under arduous conditions. The product is both thermally and mechanically stable, very water repellent and will naturally adhere to metal surfaces.It work temperature to >750°C.

For assembling screw and bolt threaded connections that are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive influences. Optimum ratio of screw tightening torque to achievable pre-tension. Prevents burning together or rusting on. Prevents burning together. Lubricating and separating paste.

Assembly lubrication of machine parts, screw connections,nuts, pipes, fittings, flange and plugin connections, guides, sliding and sealing surfaces of ovens, boilers, burners, engines in the chemical and petrochemical industry shipping and offshore sectors, in power and heating plants, glassworks and iron and steel works subject to high temperature loading.

Operating temperature.: -40°C to +750°C